We Need 340B

Safety-net providers, vulnerable patients and communities rely on 340B

Bipartisan Support

Republicans and Democrats are united in their support for 340B


There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Get the facts

  • Myth

    340B was intended to deliver discounted drugs directly to patients.


    340B was created to allow safety-net providers to buy outpatient medicines for less. They use the savings to stretch resources so they can provide a variety of services, drugs, and better care to patients who can’t always pay.

  • Myth

    340B uses taxpayer money.


    340B is not funded by taxpayers. Instead, drug companies sell drugs to providers at discounted prices, allowing them to stretch their existing funding even further. A government agency, the Office of Pharmacy Affairs, receives a small congressional appropriation to administer the program.

  • Myth

    Too many providers qualify for 340B.


    Both Republicans and Democrats have expanded 340B to cover those parts of the safety net people need most. For example, the most recent expansion added small rural hospitals with 25 or fewer beds that guarantee access to care in some of the most remote parts of our country.

About the Coalition

We are a broad coalition of providers and programs representing the thousands of hospitals, community health centers, and clinics in support of protecting and preserving the 340B program, a resource critical for the survival of America’s safety net.

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